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"Sue designed and planned our new performance management process. We gave her an extremely tight timeline and she delivered on all cylinders. Her personalized and down-to-earth approach made managers and employees extremely comfortable with the new process."

H. Allentoff, PhD,
Vice President of Human Resources,
Blackboard Inc.

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Building bridges to performance.

How does your business close the gap between company goals and team/individual performance? How do you know if your workforce is delivering the results needed for your business to grow and succeed? Are your company's managers and employees held accountable for professional, values-based, ethical behavior? Are your senior executives role models of managing performance in their areas of responsibility? Do your managers cringe at the thought of writing (and receiving) performance reviews?

If your company needs to strengthen accountability and the "line of sight" between business, team, and individual performance, then performance management consulting will be invaluable to your company's results and success.

How our approach works for your business.

We work closely with your management team to understand and evaluate the company's performance and talent management practices. Our purpose is to determine the best approach for your business, based on your company's specific needs. We customize a process that builds on what already works and provides what is most critically needed. Elements of the company's performance and talent management practices include:
  • Organizational factors, including:
    • Mission, vision, strategy and company goals
    • Business environment
    • Customer acquisition strategies
    • Culture, employee relations and morale
    • Promotion, succession and career management
  • Performance management processes, including:
    • Planning the Future
      • Performance plans…including goals and responsibilities
      • Development plans…including expectations of competencies and behaviors
      • Agreement...communication, understanding and concurrence
    • Managing the Present
      • Monitoring and diagnosing performance strengths and issues
      • Feedback and accountability
      • Recognition and rewards
      • Mentoring and coaching to build on strengths
      • Corrective feedback to address challenges and issues
    • Evaluating the Past
      • Preparing for reviews: gathering and selecting performance data
      • Consistency, fairness and thoroughness of reviews
      • Review discussions...balanced and reach agreement
      • Evaluation of individual, team, functional areas, company
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