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Organization Development
Driving Strategic Direction
Going beyond strategic planning to leading strategic change.

Many businesses conduct annual strategic planning exercises, only to find that much of their effort has been a waste of time. External changes in the economy, markets, and competition, as well as internal challenges concerning financial resources, operational efficiency, and corporate culture, often turn these well-crafted intentions upside-down. When company leaders think strategically, they continually take a top-down, big picture view of how company results are in sync with their well thought-out plans, and translate performance data into usable intelligence from which to draw implications for future action.
  • It all begins with a workable strategic plan. Does your strategic plan have...
  • Clarity regarding your company's mission and purpose, its vision for the future, and values that define its desired culture?
  • A strong, yet adaptive, set of strategies based on critical success factors?
  • A way to operationalize your company's core values to promote a common understanding of the behaviors that reflect those values?
  • Measurable and prioritized company and management goals with built-in methods for accountability?
  • An actionable implementation plan with the necessary resources appropriated?
  • A realistic understanding of its internal strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats?
  • Alignment and agreement across the organization?
  • The respect and credibility of your key stakeholders and workforce?
  • A "champion" who owns the process, lead the implementation, and monitors and reports progress?
  • A management review process to evaluate results at targeted milestone points?
How our approach works for your business.
  • Our facilitators ensure that all the pieces are in place and are painting the right picture for your business. We ensure that the starting point begins where your company needs it to be and bring it to executable launching points
  • We include options for multiple sources of input and buy-in at every stage
  • Your leadership team will be ready and energized to put plans into action and will have the communication tools to inspire action and motivate your workforce
  • The focus will be both external and internal and will leverage change management tools to ensure readiness and acceptance from the board of directors to the corporate culture of the workforce
  • Your business will have a customized roadmap to navigate from the big picture to the tactical details of implementation
  • Our integration strategies ensure that corporate culture issues such as adaptability to change, communication, teamwork, performance levels, and competence are managed professionally and effectively
  • Your business will have the tracking tools to monitor progress, ensure accountability for results, and make revisions as necessary
Click here to view: 2006 Strategic Plan: LA County Dept of Public Works (PDF)

Click here to view: LA County Dept of Public Works Website
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