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Organization Development
Change Management and Corporate Culture
Change happens, regardless of whether you, your team, and your workforce...
  • like it or not
  • accept it or not
  • are in control of it or not
  • How supportive is your corporate culture of your organization's change initiatives?
  • How adaptive is your corporate culture to change - of any kind?
Change management can be daunting even when you're on the positive side of these equations. When employees feel more closely aligned with the negative side, change efforts are met with new or deepening issues in performance, commitment, adaptability, conflict, and trust. Understanding the cultural, leadership, and management barriers to change is critical to driving strategic change and achieving the business goals of your organization. We'll work with you and your team to plan and manage the changes needed for your business to grow and succeed. Our expert consultants will...
  • Work with you and your team to determine whether all the key players are pulling in the same direction to achieve your company's strategic direction. If you need to build your company's strategic direction, click here: Driving Strategic Direction.
  • Use validated assessments to measure and analyze the strengths and challenges of your company's culture - and determine how close or far it is from driving forward the change efforts of your business.
  • Develop and partner with you to implement a customized plan that includes...
    • A focus on performance and results, ensuring employees embrace and apply the company's mission, vision, value, strategies, and goals to their everyday work lives. If you need to design your company's performance management system, click here: Performance Management.
    • Preparation of company leaders to communicate and model commitment, inspire employee engagement, and be agents of change through Coaching, Training or Team Facilitation.
How our approach works for your business.
"Sue will help you see your people issues in a whole new way... helping you learn those things you didn't know you didn't know. Expect to feel enlightened and heartened after working with her."

K. Rafferty,
Vistage International

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  • Define the change and change strategy according to your company's vision, goals, and success criteria
  • Understand your company's cultural, leadership and management readiness and develop strategies to eliminate or minimize the main sources of resistance
  • Identify the best approach to building or strengthening a purposeful, cooperative, high-performance culture
  • Develop a change management plan that includes involvement, communication and preparation of key stakeholders, management, the workforce and the core implementers of change
  • Develop strategies to manage the transition process efficiently and quickly
  • Implement the plan with support and continuous monitoring of the impact on the business and the culture
  • Evaluate the implementation according to success criteria such as retention of high performers, adjust accordingly and celebrate successes!
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