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"Sue, I had a real experience of being listened to during our time together and also learned a lot about myself. You have such and interesting and engaging dialogue manner. "

T. McGuinness,
Citrus Valley Health Partners

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Great results begin with the right tools.

U.S. businesses allocate 64% of their spending to people. Are these dollars considered an expense or an investment at your company? Do you know if your workforce is firing on all cylinders? If you already know that they aren't, do you know why? At Ncline, we use a validated, methodical approach to getting a pulse out of your company's culture, climate, engagement, and adaptability to change.

It all begins with easy, confidential, and anonymous online assessments that ask the right questions and deliver the insight and answers you need to make sound, smart decisions. Assessments form the foundation of any effective organizational or leadership initiative - and Ncline matches your needs with the tools and surveys that will help you best achieve your goals and answer the questions that are critical to your business.

We have certifications in the industry's leading organizational development tools. We use data from your workforce to customize solutions to your business's challenges is the only way to truly drive strategic change, direction, and results.

We are not a developer or distributor of any one product, so you can be assured we will only recommend the best for your company's interests, needs, and culture.

You can use assessments as a process by themselves or as part of any of our organization development consulting services, such as for driving strategic direction, change management and corporate culture and performance management. You will receive a strictly confidential analysis that includes:
  • An executive summary overview of themes, strengths, and areas for improvement
  • Customized reports of their results
  • Recommendations for improvement based on the compiled results
  • Action plans that link development goals to performance goals
  • A process for accountability to put plans into action
Which business issues do our assessments address?
  • How do we build or maintain our competitive advantage?
  • What matters most to our workforce - what is the best way to invest in employees?
  • What areas of leadership development should we focus on?
  • Are we putting our employees in the best position to be successful?
  • How can we make sure we aren't letting key talent slip away?
  • How do we improve team dynamics and effectiveness?
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