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Team Facilitation
Are we there yet... as a team?

Enhancing company-wide performance begins with your leadership team - a group of personalities who bring their unique combination of experiences, values, styles, and capabilities to the mix. How well is this pool of talent working together? Let's see...

"Sincere thanks for facilitating our symposium. I thought it was a very productive and insightful meeting."

J. Stewart,
IHOP Corporation

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  • To what degree are team members working together to achieve mission-critical business goals, or are politics and turf wars diluting the focus?
  • Are team members in agreement and alignment and committed to the company's direction?
  • How well is the team functioning in terms of trust, cohesion, roles, responsibilities, relationships, and accountability?
  • How openly and constructively do team members disagree with each other; how often do disagreements escalate to heated conflict, or is disagreement just avoided?
  • Is each team member a role model of the behaviors expected company-wide in order to promote a trusting and high-performance culture?
  • Does your culture find the leadership team trustworthy, credible, and respectable?
  • Is this team capable of driving the company's mission, vision, values, culture, strategies, and goals?
How our approach works for your business.

"Sue is an outstanding speaker, personal trainer, and corporate leader. Her rigorous, intelligent yet consistently approachable teaching style makes her a favorite among professionals seeking cutting edge "soft skill" enhancement and tool development. She is a talented coach, mentor and facilitator equally versed in empirical and theoretical learning. Her true gift is teaching average performers how to become high achievers by leveraging self awareness and emotional intelligence."

T. Margrave,
Naval Facilities Engineering Command,
Naval Base Coronado,
San Diego

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To provide the most effective and targeted team facilitation process, we conduct an assessment of the team's strengths and challenges. Based on the results, we collaborate with you to establish team development goals and an implementation strategy aimed at achieving the outcomes that are most important for your business. Your team development goals determine the areas of focus for facilitation, which may include the following:
  • Company mission, vision, values, strategies, and goals
  • Integration and alignment of department-level strategies and goals
  • Problem-solving and criterion-based decision-making processes that drive business results and reinforce your culture
  • Communication strategies for sharing relevant data, insights, and leadership team action plans to the workforce
  • Leadership team cohesion, trust, collaboration, and mutual accountability
  • Leading and adapting to change
  • Interpersonal, communication and emotional intelligence strategies to manage and resolve conflict
  • Productive leadership team meetings
  • Role modeling company values and reinforcing
    a high-performance corporate culture
2007-2009 Ncline Leadership Strategies
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