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Leadership and Management Development
It's not a perk or a quick fix. It's about your sustained success.

High performers drive extraordinary results, whereas good performers drive average results. The purpose of coaching is not to get moderate performers "up-to-minimum" - it's to push capabilities to the next level of performance. After all, eventually everyone faces times when additional insights, guidance, and fresh perspectives strengthen performance outcomes, the corporate culture, and business results.

Coaching is an individualized learning approach that increases leader and organizational performance.

Coaching is...
A one-on-one awareness-building and training process, customized to behavioral and/or performance issues.
A way to build on strengths and improve areas that are a challenge.
Goal-driven; it begins with business goals and then identifies how coaching goals will contribute to driving business success.
An approach to help with difficult business challenges such as a strategic change initiative, an uncooperative team or a tough role transition.
  Coaching is NOT...
An off-the-shelf quick fix for chronic performance problems, personality or emotional issues.
A way to make everyone a high performer at everything.
An aimless set of therapy sessions that have no clear end in site.
A substitute for dealing with severe performance or behavioral problems.
A way to convert a bad hire or an imperfect fit for a promotion into a better match for the role.
How our approach works for your business.

"I look for your expertise in human resources/relations, insight into the psychology of managing people, which includes strategies on dealing with challenging employees, methods of communications and appropriate messaging to the organization."

S. Jarus,
CEO and Chairman,
Ironclad Performance
Wear, Inc.

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Off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all coaching doesn't achieve superior results. Building leadership strength requires both a consistent process and individualized goals, learning strategies, and guidance. We provide a flexible process that equips leaders with increased awareness, insights, skills, and knowledge linked to performance and business results.
  • Sessions average 1 -2 hours every two weeks, scheduled at your convenience
  • Sessions review critical incidents, challenges and behaviors and requisite guidance, strategies, insights, skills, and knowledge to strengthen effectiveness
  • Sessions conclude with action items for on-the-job application with telephone support available between sessions
2007-2009 Ncline Leadership Strategies
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