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Leadership and Management Development
Great results begin with the right tools.

"Sue is an outstanding speaker, coach and corporate leader. Her rigorous, intelligent yet consistently approachable style make her a favorite among professionals seeking cutting edge "soft skill" enhancement and tool development. Her true gift is teaching average performers how to become high achievers by leveraging self awareness and emotional intelligence in all aspects of their personal and professional lives."

T. Margrave,
DNaval Facilities Engineering Command,
Naval Base Coronado,
San Diego

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You and your team have set business goals and identified opportunities and challenges - and your company's resources are ready to go. But how certain are you that your management team is on the right track, is really in sync with each other, or using a leadership approach that will drive the change and deliver the results you so carefully planned?

It all begins with easy, confidential and anonymous assessments that ask the right questions and deliver the insight and answers you need to make sound, smart decisions. Assessments form the foundation of any effective organizational or leadership initiative - and Ncline matches your needs with the tools and surveys that will help you best achieve your goals and answer the questions that are critical to your business.

We have certifications in the industry's leading leadership and management assessment tools, measuring the integration of traditional business competence with the social and relational factors that can make or break careers. We are not a developer or distributor of any one product, so you can be assured that we will always recommend the best ones for your company's interests, needs, and culture.

We use assessments by themselves and as part of leadership and management coaching, training, and team facilitation. Participants in our assessment process receive the following with the strictest of confidentiality:
  • An executive summary overview of themes, strengths and areas for improvement
  • Customized reports of results
  • Strategic and tactical recommendations for improvement based on the compiled results
  • Action plans that link development goals to performance goals
  • A process for accountability to put plans into action
The results of our assessment process?

Leaders and managers who are more...
  • Self-aware and understand the impact of their styles and behaviors on performance
  • Insightful about what it will take to become more effective leaders
  • Conscious of the causes of contention within their team or turnover among their high performers
  • Focused on addressing real issues and maximizing leadership development action plans within the context of the corporate culture
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