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our approach
The right services + the right approach = the right results.
Our approach is based on decades of experience and a proven, best practices methodology. While there are many ways to reach your goals, we'll use our methodology to find the right way to speed results, engage your leaders and culture, and create lasting, positive change.

"Sue has been instrumental in helping solidify and ground our senior management team during a critical reorganization and period of explosive growth and helped us focus on what truly matters."

M. Jensen,
Chief Operating Officer and D. Bader,
Managing Principal,
Cumming Corporation

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Step 1: Assessment
  • Develop an initial scope of work, including performance goals and success criteria
  • Gather data through interviews, assessments and document review
  • Analyze trends, themes, strengths and challenges, and develop customized recommendations to build strengths and realize needed improvements
Step 2: Feedback and Goal-Setting
  • Provide feedback of results in the strictest of confidence
  • Collaboratively set goals and action plans linked to business results and accountability for progress
  • Develop finalized scope of work for implementation, integration and results
Step 3: Implementation
  • Plan and design selected services and implementation strategy, including customization and logistical support
  • Deliver services that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability
  • All programs and initiatives conclude with action planning for integration
Step 4: Integration
  • Implement strategies to convert action plans into application and assimilation
  • Evaluate progress based on goals, impact on performance and the business
  • Update and adjust as needed and continue integration
Step 5: Results
  • Monitor and report progress in converting integration into performance and business results
  • Celebrate results!
  • Determine opportunities to support and reinforce existing strategies or to generate results elsewhere in the business
Our Services...Your Solutions are:

Leadership and Management Development
Organization Development

Knowledge truly is power.

Assessments form the foundation of any effective organizational or leadership initiative - and Ncline matches your needs with the tools and surveys that will help you best achieve your goals and answer the questions that are critical to your business. Our easy, confidential, and anonymous assessments ask the right questions and deliver the insight and answers you need to make sound, smart decisions about the next steps for your business.

We subscribe to the industry's leading organizational, leadership and management assessment tools, measuring the integration of traditional business competence with the social and relational factors that can make or break careers.

We are not a developer or distributor of any one product, so you can be assured that we will always recommend the best ones for your company's interests, needs, and culture.

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